Monday, October 14, 2013


I love the month of October and I love all things Halloween!  The decor, the costumes, trick or treating, visiting the pumpkin patch and getting "BOOED".  The kids get so excited when we get BOOED by a friend or neighbor and even more excited to go and BOO someone else! 

Here is a free printable so you can go and BOO this Halloween season too!  You can print both here through google docs!  Just make sure to be a blog follower and I will email the image to you once requested!

There are so many fun ways you can make your treats to boo your neighbors, we looked on pinterest and found TONS of ideas!  Here are a few we found: 

Love the marshmallows in these cute ghost bags, you could also add some hot chocolate!

We also visited etsy and found some fun "BOO" things to shop for!  This shop offers these cute BOO bags!
These bags are great as well, and would be perfect for school Halloween treats too!
We LOVE S'mores at our house!  How fun would it be to find this at your doorstep! 
We also adore these "Boo" cookies
Whether you keep it simple, get creative with some Halloween DIY or shop at one of these awesome etsy shops it is sure to be a good time!!!  Get started with a copy of our printable and get ready to BOO! 

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