Tuesday, October 29, 2013


OK so a theme with my blog lately, I'm always a day late!  Fine, I admit it, I am routinely late to things in general, which I can't stand.  With 3 kids it always seems like something unexpected comes up and no matter how hard I try, I wind up late!  I know, excuses excuses right!!!  If anyone has some awesome time management tips please share...Lord knows I need them!  In the meantime, I will share some yummy recipes with you...this is what's cookin at our house!

MONDAY: We ordered out last night, a local pizza place has $6 brick oven pizzas on Mondays and we love them!  You can always make your own pizza!  Super easy and the kids love it!  Here is a recipe from Emeril for homemade pizzas, a little of this and a little of that and BAM! (sorry I had to) you've got your pizza!
TUESDAY: Tonight is meatloaf night.  Super yummy, super easy!  Here's a great recipe.
WEDNESDAY: I'm thinking this Chicken Enchilada Pasta sounds like a winner and is budget friendly.  This is a new one to try out so I will report back! 
THURSDAY:  Tonight we are going to my cousins house to eat chili before the trick or treating fun!  Here is a yummy chili recipe, throw it together in the crock pot and no rush cooking before you have to head out to go house to house! 
FRIDAY: Leftover night!  Use that chili from the night before to make chili nachos, 3 Way (my personal choice) or some good 'ol chili dogs!

SATURDAY:  We are having family over for my daughter's 2nd birthday and are doing drip beef sandwiches!  I love the Pioneer Woman and we are making her recipe...here it is, yum!
SUNDAY:  In all honestly we will probably be enjoying some left overs from our dripped beef, but just in case I will leave you with another recipe idea!  I found this one on pinterest and it looks so good!  It is also a recipe where you can seem really fancy, but it is super simple!  Prosciutto and Gruyere-Stuffed Chicken Breast-I told you it sounded fancy!  Enjoy! 

Let me know what ya think of the recipes above, or if you are making something different, please share!  I can always use some new recipe inspiration!!!


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